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Zentrum für Infektionsbiologie und Immunität (HU Berlin) (ZIBI)

Art der Einrichtung

Universität/Universitäre Einrichtung




The “Interdisciplinary Center for Infection Biology and Immunity" of the Humboldt-University (ZIBI) merges the activities of the Humboldt University and non-universitary research institutes in the field of Infection Biology and Immunity in Berlin, all working on a high scientific standard. 26 scientists are active members of the ZIBI, bringing together biologists, medicals, veterinarians, biophysicists and other researchers from the disciplines of virology, bacteriology, parasitology and immunology.

The ZIBI links and coordinates their research and teaching activities with the goal to strive for excellence. The centre aims at creating structures that allow to pursue research of highest standards by
(1) facilitating the acquisition of funding,
(2) supporting the development of young scientists and
(3) increasing public awareness for infectious diseases and immunology.
The members strive to develop this field of research into a scientific focus of Berlin and beyond.


Life Sciences / Medizin

Zahlen & Fakten

  • Gründungsjahr 2005


  • Biologie, Biochemie
  • Medizin inkl. Medizintechnik, Pflege- und Gesundheitswissenschaften

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