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Potsdamer Platz
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Innovation area overview: Urban Development and Construction Engineering

Cities are in a process of constant development and Berlin is a particular example for an ever-changing city. Old buildings can be found here next to modern structures made of glass and chrome and more and more people move to the city every year.

In order to keep the capital a place worth living for the many new coming Berliners and the long-time residents likewise, one has to consider and adjust the necessary infrastructure. Housing and social infrastructure are particularly required. Therefore, existing space should be offered for creating cost-efficient real estate and the construction of new affordable homes should be promoted with the help of housing cooperatives. In terms of infrastructure, new daycare centers, schools, museums etc. are currently planned.

To ensure that all relevant concerns are taken into consideration when a decision about necessary construction projects is being made, Berlin maintains integrated urban development which means interdisciplinary and cross-departmental action, involvement of all actors in the city and attention to the overall appearance of the city.

Subject areas of the domain include:

    • Urban planning and building culture
    • Residing and renting
    • Mobility
    • Environmental and climate protection and cultural heritage management
      Name of the Institution Type of Institution
      Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) Non-university research facility
      Deutsche Akademie für Städtebau und Landesplanung e.V. (DASL) Research related facility
      Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik (Difu) Non-university research facility
      Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies University/University related facility
      Humboldt-Innovation GmbH University/University related facility
      Institute of Agricultural and Urban Ecological Projects affiliated to Berlin Humboldt University Non-university research Facility
      Berlin Institute for Population and Development Research related facility
      Institut für Erhaltung und Modernisierung von Bauwerken e.V. an der TU Berlin University/University related facility
      Institute for International Urban Research University/University related facility
      Institut für Stadt-und Regionalplanung (ISR) University/University related facility
      IfS Institut für Stadtforschung und Strukturpolitik Private research facility